Mutual Relationship
Minimizing risk is essential in today’s business environment. The Safety & Security of your personnel, property, and information directly impact your daily operations. It is essential to choose a partner to support or augment your security plan, one should be equipped to anticipate and prepare for all potential situations. Your organisation can be fully prepared to handle any potential security threats by partnering with M/S Safety & Security Services (Pvt) Ltd. Our integrated security services maintain the highest standards in all services that we offer.
Client Care
By acquiring our services you will enjoy the advantage of our good working relationship with the Police in all regions of the country. We will provide the replacement of security guards proceeding on leave. In case of customer dissatisfaction with a guard, we will replace him for your convenience. Our senior security officers / supervisors will conduct random supervision checks to ensure consistency in service. When required, we shall be able to provide security guards for escort purposes and cash carrying duties.
Your assignment will be managed with the utmost of confidentiality at all times. After our survey of your assignment, a written report will be sent to you. We undertake to inform you of any conflict of interests if our company is approached to carry out work for clients with the same interests as yours. You will get top-of-the-line security with high quality guards, most modern equipment and the best trained dogs in the world. An efficient management system is superimposed to ensure quick reactions and reduce security risks by eliminating blind spots.